• This course trains students on advanced writing for radio and television media. The course teaches techniques, style and format of script preparation for the radio and television media.

    Students will develop and produce scripts for various radio and TV program formats while applying the value of teamwork, and SPU-M’s advocacies.

    By the end of the course, the student is expected to:

    1.  Recognize the key concepts of writing for radio and television.

    2. Develop the ability to write effectively and creatvely for TV, radio.

    3. Prepare a portfolio comprised of radio and television scripts.

  • The course deals with the principles of development communication. It is designed to develop the student’s total grasp of the theories of development and models of development communication in the Philippines and in some developing countries. This course aims to: makes the students understand the processes and goals involved in development communication; provide students opportunities to use their skills in communication to propose and execite development-related campaigns; introduce to students peace education through development communication.

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